Garage Door Spring Repair

Welcome to the Alhambra Garage Door Spring Repair page. One problem that could be troubling you is a damaged or broken garage door spring. Call us or fill out our contact form to allow us the pleasure of helping you with your garage door necessities.

Types of Garage Door SpringsGarage Door Spring Repair in Alhambra

There are 2 of types springs that you will find in your garage – torsion springs and extension springs. The springs are each designed to handle a certain number of opening/closing cycles before they need maintenance or fail completely. Torsion springs have a minimum of 10,000 – 40,000 cycles, about 5-15 years depending on frequency of use, weight of garage, paint coats and other variables. Improperly installed or loose components and tracks will shorten the life of a torsion springs. Appropriate evaluations and maintenance of your springs are the most valuable tool you can utilize to ensure a longer lasting garage door. Call us today at (626) 263-7360 and we will evaluate, educate and effectively perform the job you need completed for a safe and operational garage setting.


Alhambra Garage Door Spring Repair

You are going about your day in your home. Your getting ready for work and you hear a loud “Snap!” You walk around your home and everything seems to be in order. Later, you get into your car and click the garage door opener and nothing happens. The garage does not open. This is the exact moment when you call Alhambra Garage Door Repair and we are there within the hour with a new spring to replace and get you on your way.


24/7 Garage Door Spring Repair in AlhambraBroken Spring Repair in Alhambra

We are the 24/7 garage door repair service in Alhambra that always fits you well. Replacing a garage door spring is not rocket science and some home owners attempt to do it themselves. More so than not, they eventually call us due to improper installation. We are the experienced professionals in the sport of garage repair. Call Alhambra Garage Door Repair at (626) 263-7360 and allow us to safely install and service your garage door springs.

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